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Ronnie McNeir - Ronnie McNeir.(1972)

( Smooth 70's Soul - Mellow Grooves )

The amazing debut of Ronnie McNeir -- a 70s soul maestro we'd rank right up there with Donny Hathaway, Leroy Hutson, or Leon Ware -- but one who's possibly even more impressive, given that he cut this record when he was only 22 years old! The album's quite heavy on keyboards -- played by Ronnie underneath his wonderful vocals -- with jazzy touches that give the record a strongly mature sound, almost in the realm of Stevie Wonder at points, especially Stevie's sound right at the end of the 60s. But Ronnie's also very much his own man too -- and puts together the album with a great deal of thought -- a few recurring musical themes between some tunes, and even bits of dialogue which serve to unite the different tunes, and almost make the record a mini-symphony of soul! The songwriging is beautiful too -- numbers that have a deeply personal feel, but without any common cliches -- often a righteous undercurrent that creates a spiritual vibe that links things together wonderfully. There's a depth here that goes way beyond common soul albums of the time -- and the album's a real treasure of 70s soul -- the kind we'd never part with! Titles include "In Summertime", "Young Girl", "Daddy's Coming Home", "Girl You're Gonna Lose Your Groove", "Keep Your Hands Off My Lady", "Extra Extra", "Gone Away", and "I'm So Thankful". By: Dusty Groove

1. Extra Extra
2. Daddy's Coming Home
3. The Tears In My Heart
4. Gone Away
5. Trouble's A Loser
6. Young Girl
7. You Better Make Sure
8. I'm So Thankful
9. In Summertime
10. Keep Your Hands Off My Lady
11. Girl You're Gonna Lose Your Groove


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