lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2009

24 Carat Black - Gone The Promises Of Yesterday

( 70's - Soul - Funk - Rare Grooves )

An amazing musical discovery -- the lost second album from 24 Carat Black -- recorded right after the band's legendary debut for Stax Records, but unissued for over 30 years! All the righteous styles of the group's famous Ghetto Misfortune's Wealth classic are fully in place here -- and if anything, the record has an even headier feel overall -- really complicated sounds that are often deeply spiritual, but still have that snaking, bassline-driven, slow funk quality that we love in the group! The tunes each feel like mini-symphonies in soul -- and although the themes center more around love than politics, they're done in a way that goes way past any sexy soul cliches of the time. The group is amazingly laidback -- slow-stepping into each tune with a care and confidence that's amazing -- and letting the cuts come into their own organically, but always with a mystical sense of order. Numero have done a wonderful job excavating this work -- remastering the tapes for great sound, and telling the full story of the group and their too-short career. (

1 - The Best Of Good Love Gone
2 - I Want To Make Up
3 - I Don't Love You
4 - I'll Never Let You Go
5 - Gone The Promises Of Yesterday
6 - I Begin To Weep


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The Black Revolution dijo...

Link Ok!!!

Anónimo dijo...

Beautiful. Their first album is on Funk My Soul. Thanks for providing the second!

spellbound dijo...

Gran hallazgo, esta noche lo escucho.


The Black Revolution dijo...

Gracias por vuestros comentarios!!!!!
Un saludo & Enjoy the Music!!!!

xensma dijo...

that's a very nice find!this lost gemm is for sur a nice present you give us.thanks!