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The Dubmasters - X-Ray Music: A Blood & Fire Dub Directory.(1999)

( Dub )

Some people call it dub. I call it X-Ray music.' - Lee Perry Following the unqualified success of their first budget-price sampler 'Dubwise And Otherwise' Blood and Fire unleash the second in the series, a 16-track dub selection featuring radical remixes by the undisputed masters of the art - men like Lee 'Scratch' Perry, King Tubby, Prince Jammy and Errol 'ET' Thompson. The ideal introduction to dub!!!!! (blood&fire.com)

1/Step It Up In Dub (03:54) - Mixed by Prince Jammy
2/Dub The Right Way (02:40) - Mixed by King Tubby
3/Dub There (04:48) - Mixed by Prince Jammy
4/There's Dub (03:06) - Mixed by King Tubby
5/Morpheus Special (03:42) - Mixed by King Tubby
6/Extraordinary Version (02:55) - Mixed by Errol Thompson and Clive Chin
7/Noah Sugar Pan (03:29) - Mixed by Lee Perry
8/Rally Dub (03.18) - Mixed by Lee Perry
9/Cool This Dub (03:28) - Mixed by Phillip Smart
10/Bag A Wire Dub (03:24) - Mixed by King Tubby
11/King Tubby's Answer (03:21) - Mixed by Scientist
12/Shining Dub (03:28) - Mixed by Karl Pitterson and Clive Chan
13/Pegasus Rock (02:28) - Mixed by King Tubby
14/The Champion Version (03:17) - Mixed by Prince Jammy
15/Moses Dub (03:33) - Mixed by Jo Jo Hookim
16/Dub Is My Occupation (05:48) - Mixed by Prince Jammy

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