jueves, 30 de septiembre de 2010

V.A.:: Sukeban Guerrilla.(2010)

( Japanese Films - Early 70's - Pinky Violence - Yakuza Girls )

Insane funky tracks from Japanese films of the early 70s – a mindblowing collection that should do for Japanese soundtracks what Vampyros Lesbos did for European ones! The notes and titles are all completely in Japanese here – so we have no idea whatsoever about the films or musicians – but the tunes themselves are wonderful – lots of heavy funk in a style that's clearly inspired by American films of the time, mixed with weirder numbers that really get creative on the instrumentation! At times, there almost seems to be an influence from Italian westerns – which sounds plenty darn strange next to the American urban touches – and other tunes even feature female lead vocals, sung in an emotive style that further deepens the range of work here, and which has us wishing we knew a lot more about this music!. by dustygroove.com


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phantom of the radio dijo...

Great comp. nice share. i reblogged it via PCL Linkdump, hope you won't mind. Thanks.

Anónimo dijo...

the link is down please re-up!

jimi jazz dijo...

Re-up please!

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Any chance you could reupload this? Thanks!