viernes, 15 de octubre de 2010

Pete Rodriguez - El Rey Del Boogaloo. (1966-69)

( Latin Soul - Boogaloo )
Massive Boogaloo album, with loads of catchy grooves all the way through! Pete & his band were one of the best of the Latin soul era, & this album's certainly one of their strongest. Includes 'Guagaloo', 'Pete's Boogaloo', & 'Do the Boogaloo'. Hard funky & very upbeat all the way through. If someone asked you what the definition of Latin Soul was, this would be the album to play for them! A fantastic little album of Latin Soul -- a perfect example of why Pete was known as the 'King Of The Boogaloo' during the 60s! The group's having a non-stop party on the album -- breaking it hard with heavy piano lines, rumbling bass underneath the grooves, tight timbales, & some shouted lyrics in English that are always very catchy. The cut, 'I Like It Like That', is the sort of groover that you'll be singing for years -- even after hearing it only once -- & the album's filled with all great cuts. 14 tracks in all. Vampi Soul. 2003.
1. Guagaloo
2. Like It (I Like That)
3. El Hueso
4. Petes Madness
5. Micaela
6. Get Together
7. Soy El Rey
8. Oh Thats Nice
9. Si Quieres Bailar
10. Asi Asi
11. Boringuen (el cuini tiene bandera)
12. People Want To Know
13. Here Come The Judge
14. Me

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Anónimo dijo...

This is not "El Conde" there is another guy also called pete rodriguez who did boogaloo.