sábado, 10 de mayo de 2008

Leo's Sunshipp - We Need Each Other.(1978)

( Mellow Grooving Soul - Deep & Smooth 70's )

1. Give Me the Sunshine.(Vocal)
2. Im Back For More.(Vocal)
3. Get Down People.(Vocal)
4. Madame Butterfly
5. Madame Butterfly.(Vocal)
6. Im Back For More
7. Give Me the Sunshine
8. Get Down People

Leo's Sunshipp - Give Me The Sunshine

2 comentarios:

A Pyrex Scholar dijo...

haha. i bought this record a while back,, i love it!!! great share

The Black Revolution dijo...

Thanks Pyrex!!!!!! its a great,great album,(Marvin Gaye,Leon Ware,Leroy Hutson.... style!!!!!!!!)i love it!!!!

Peace Brother!!!!